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Scenes from HQ

It’s crunch time here at CC HQ and we’re only feeling slightly frantic… So much to do and so little time! We’ve spent all week prepping and we’re so very excited for training to start on Monday (only a few hours away!!!). Go Children’s Corps!!


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Two Days to go

The conference room table is covered with training materials.  We haven’t seen Jen for hours…she is too busy making copies to come up for air. Rachel is fighting with the hole puncher and the hole puncher might be winning. Viviane is finalizing some last minute placements, selecting some fun music to collate and staple to and reminding the staff to eat. All in all, things are under control. Don’t worry Children’s Corps members, we really do know what we are doing!

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The countdown is on!

Well, it’s a whirlwind of excitement over here at Children’s Corps headquarters. We have all been working hard to get things up and rolling as our June 27 training start date fast approaches. Almost all of our Corps members have been placed with an agency by now, though we’re still ironing out details with many of them. Our members have been busy, too — some are still in the process of moving to NYC, some have been meeting with agency HR departments, and some have even begun agency orientation! Hopefully you’ll get to hear some of their stories soon.

I’ve been focusing a lot on organizing and tracking all of our information (I heart Excel), as well as drafting a lot of business-y things, like letters of intent and executive summaries and such. It’s pretty cool to be behind the scenes of such an innovative organization at such a crucial and formative time of our new program!

That’s all for now – just wanted to kick things off and set the stage for what is sure to be a crazy roller coaster of a summer. I can’t wait!

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Welcome to the Children’s Corps blog!

Hello, and welcome to our blog! Here you can follow the experiences of Children’s Corps staff and members as we kick off our inaugural class of caseworkers. We invite you to learn more about our program, our mission, and our contributors by clicking through the pages above. We’ll have new posts up from all different contributors shortly! Thanks for joining us on this exciting and challenging new journey!


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