End of Week One

Its almost been exactly a week since I moved from a sleepy Massachusetts town to Brooklyn to begin training as a Children’s Corps member. The apartment floors are littered with boxes and random objects yet to find a home, but slowly and surely, it is all coming together. I share this two-bedroom space with five housemates,  two of which belong to the feline and canine species, paying rent which in Amherst, MA would procure a full house with a yard. Even still, there is nowhere I would rather be.

Corps training thus far has been amazing. On day one, I walked into a highly air-conditioned room full of the people I would be spending the next five weeks training with. Women and men who have graduated from prestigious universities across the country, some of whom already have MSWs under their belts. All things considered, I was probably more intimidated at that moment than I can remember. We dove in to the material, with Fostering Change for Children’s CEO Barry as our main trainer, making sure we truly understood each concept covered.

To explain every day of training thus far would take… probably a full week. We have learned so much already, from acknowledging privilege to creating relationships built on trust and mutual self-disclosure. The next four weeks are going to be intense, hard, and rewarding, but I think we as Corps members know this already. I am excited for the weeks to come, to explore this new city, and to get to know my fellow Corps members better. Tonight I am going into Manhattan for a queer/feminist performance at Bluestockings Activist Space where native-Bostonian Michelle Tea and her fellow Sister Spit cohorts will be delivering some high quality knowledge. In my opinion, a perfect end to the week.

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