First Week

It has been almost a week since I arrived to New York and started training with Children’s Corps and the whole experience still feels surreal. The city is amazing, but beyond that I’m impressed with the quality of people that are part of the project.  The coordinators, trainers and interns have done an amazing  job of getting us here and en-route to a succesful career in Social Work. I really can’t wait to start putting all the things that we are learning into practice. On the other hand, my newly-met colleagues are just a big group of incredibly talented and  inspiring  people with an innate vocation to make a difference. It’s refreshing and humbling to see how they are putting the well-being of others as a priority in their live’s so early on; they all are the kind of people you want to always have around and on whom you can always count to cultivate passion and change, and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

I’m excited for the weeks ahead and if I had to summarize what I’ve learned so far, I would have to say that in this profession it’s not about clients and workers, or problems and solutions… it’s about people reaching out to people.


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3 responses to “First Week

  1. karle

    What a great experience!!!….The more I read your post the more I would like to be part of a career in social work. Please keep us posted on your impressions and experiences trough out the training.

  2. karle

    I want to hear some more about the training experiences!!

  3. Hannah

    Sounds really great, it’s nice to see someone who is so enthusiastic and motivated about their profession, you’re obviously in the right field. Good luck!

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