“Stop, Think and Then Act.”

WOW.  What a day. Today might have been one of the most inspiring days of our training.  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change and Stop, think, and then act:  these are some of the lessons imparted to us by a man who’s seen it and done it and done it again.  His story, as seen through several moments in time, was really about answering the question: What is unconditional love?  It is love without qualifications or exceptions and it is a love that many children unfortunately do not have.  It reminds me of when our instructor, Mike, talked about privilege and what it means. In this discussion, we thought about privilege as it relates to money, property, and education.  However, unconditional love is overlooked and is probably the most valuable resource one can have.  To have someone who will be
there for you no matter how down on your luck you may be is a privilege that is underappreciated.

Another point the speaker made was about changing one’s perspective on a person.  In order to see a person correctly, one must understand what that person has gone through. It reminds me of an earlier moment in our training when Barry pointed out the example of the man stealing a loaf of bread.  Does it change your perspective on the situation if you knew that he only stole the loaf of bread because he had starving kids to feed?  If you didn’t know what the desperate man was going through, you might simply label him a criminal or a bad person.  Children need this same understanding.  It was inspiring to see a man with such a passion for this empathic and non-judgmental philosophy.  It is a philosophy that we will need in this new profession as well as a philosophy which can help us in life in general.

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