The Second Shadowing

So my second day of shadowing at my agency was very eventful. The day started when I was sent with my future supervisor on a foster parent and child visit. While we drove, my supervisor explained to me the important things to look for when visiting a home. These included the children’s bedrooms and their general health. This visit was of particular interest to me because not only was it my first visit, but also because I was told that this case would be assigned to me once I started in August. So as one can expect I was not only interested but nervous as well. In the car, the supervisor mentioned that she was particularly interested in seeing how I interacted with the children who were 2 years old and 2 months old. I understood that I needed to make a good impression on the children and the foster mother.

In the home, the 2 year old was shy at first. My supervisor had told me to expect this, but it quickly changed. As the supervisor and the foster mother chatted, I went about playing with the 2 year old. She was interested in the coloring books and we did that for a while. Admittedly, it was hard to focus on coloring while trying to overhear the questions and answers between the foster mother and supervisor, but I managed to keep my focus well enough on both to take away an educational as well as playful experience. In fact, as we left, the supervisor immediately asked me to verbalize what I would write in my progress notes. I mentioned the good health of both children, and the general clean environment in which they lived. I mentioned that the bedroom had room to walk between the bed and the dresser. In addition, the two month old had a proper crib in the foster mother’s room. The supervisor was satisfied as we drove off.

When we returned to the agency, I was quickly handed a stack of cases to look over. Since I am starting in August, my agency wanted me to get acquainted with some of the cases I will be taking on. I got through the first one, which seemed to be as thick as a thesaurus before I was told to sit in on a 6 month Family Team Conference.

By the end of the day, all I could think was where did the time go? Between visiting a home and sitting in on a Family Team Conference, the day was almost completely gone. Every hour and every minute is important in this job and I will have to use this time efficiently. However, being at the agency before I start is an important experience because it lets me see the process in motion. Seeing everyone at the agency get the job done makes me know that it is hard but doable if you put in the work and you call your clients back.

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