Support (v): to keep from fainting, yielding, or losing courage

Now that training has ended, I look back and wonder where the last 5 weeks went. It’s unbelievable how in only a short amount of time, things can change so drastically. I walked into the room with 24 other people who were complete strangers and walked out a month later knowing that the same people will be in my life for the long haul. When applying for this job, I read about the three main goals of this new program. A rigorous recruitment process, a training program that prepares us for the some of the challenges that will arise in the field, and support for two years. The first two were self-explanatory for me, but the word “support” is so vague. I walked in thinking that I had a strong support system already. I have my friends and family who I can vent to or share my rewarding stories with so why would I need another group of people who don’t know me very well? Looking back, I went in with the completely wrong mindset, and I’m thrilled that my experience shifted that.

One of the greatest things about this program is that with the recruitment process and the training, the support came naturally. With such strong personalities, it’s almost impossible not to. One of my favorite quotes from this training was spoken by a foster parent who came to discuss his experiences with us. He stated, “Tough times change. Tough people don’t.” We are 25 tough people who I firmly believe will help each other through the tough times. I now truly understand the third component in Children’s Corps way. We have built our own support system that will guide us through the next two years and into whichever career paths we will take.

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  1. kk streator

    What a great line from that foster parent. I’m going to remember that for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences – you all write so well! It is truly inspirational to read about your journey.

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