Week One Done!

Today marks my official one week anniversary as a Crisis Intervention Worker on Staten Island, and 6 weeks of non-stop job training. Last week was exciting as it was my first time going to the Island. In order to get to work by 10am, I have to catch the 8:02am M train, make two transfers, hop on the Staten Island Ferry, and then rush to get on a bus. Needless to say, it is a long commute but well worth it. For one, I feel like an adult! Dressing all fancy-like, rushing along the current of suits from train to train, waking up before noon, perfecting my New Yorker “I’m important” face; a real life adult! Second of all, I have been lucky enough to land in a Rapid Intervention Team of  six brilliant, funny, passionate individuals. As a new program, we are all really antsy and ready for some referrals to start pouring in. As ready as we are to get going, the trainings are certainly important in team building and becoming as educated on our purpose as possible.

This week we’re doing training’s in the West Village on Solution Based methods. To completely self-disclose… I am a little upset we’re not going to Staten Island because I’ve been able to read two books in one week and have started my third over the course of that commute! But alas. Also- hello to fellow Corps graduates! I’ve been lucky enough to catch up with a couple of my pals from CC but am hoping to see everyone as soon as possible. It’s so nice to have 24 other people feeling this same push of motivation and excitement in starting brand new careers in Child Welfare at the same time. A big ol’ thank you to Barry and Viv for making that happen! Oh I hadn’t realized it was 9pm… a perfectly appropriate and not grandma-ish bedtime for a 22 year old living in New York City. To wrap up; Children’s Corps was great, my new team is great, and things are really coming together.

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