The end or the beginning?

The last couple of weeks have been so packed with action that it’s only now that I have the time to sit down and processed all that’s happening. First of all we had our last week of training at children’s corps; Legal Week! The week was amazing but what stuck with us the most was meeting a really cool Family Court Judge who, the very next day after meeting us, happened to be appointed as the new Commissioner of ACS. It was amazing to have had the chance to meet him and listen to his story in such important time in his career, he was very inspiring, real, and tough but above all, human and concerned about the families, so I look forward to following his work at ACS and supporting his efforts to improve and strengthen the child welfare system in New York City.

The week then ended; with our goodbyes, words of encouragement and a lot of good lucks and although we knew we parted knowing that we are all intertwined for life, it was hard to acknowledge that our training time was over and that we were now on our way to face this new world. We left inspired, scared and anxious but still passionate and above all encouraged as we knew we left with a big box of amazing tools to help at-risk families and children get through life.

Now back from home and with the few things that will fit in my tiny but expensive New York apartment. I’m ready to begin!

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