The Caseworker Who Couldn’t Sleep

Once upon right now, there is a decent looking caseworker, when she has time to shower, who lives in Caseworkland, the sixth borough of NYC that only caseworkers know exists.  She loves being a caseworker and working with families and youth and attempting to help them through some difficult times in their lives, as well as facilitating the healing of family relationships.  Typically she works so hard attempting to save the families of the world everyday, that when she comes home at night she literally crashes and then wakes up and does it all over again.  However, on this particualr night she was having an extremely difficult time sleeping and could not get her thoughts to calm down, so she decided to blog about them as a way of getting them out of her head and into everyone else’s heads so that they can deal with it and she can go to bed.

Earlier in the week, this CW had been spending a ton of time with one of her youths that she just “gave birth” to and is begining to realize how attached she is already to this particular youth, which is part of the reason she cannot sleep she thinks.  She is definitely attached to all of the youths she works with, but this situation is different because the CW is noticing how quickly she is getting attached, which is probably because this youth is a lot like the CW  in many ways and she is noticing these similarities and relating/sympathizing extremely well.  This youth told the CW earlier that day that she wished the CW was younger so that they could hang out more because she is cool, and the CW told her that was exactly what they were doing since she literally spent practically 2 days straight with this particular youth.  The youth smiled and admitted that was pretty accurate. The CW has seen the youth 3 times total thus far, and everytime she gets this urge to reach out and hug the youth because she is so sweet and just looks like she is constantly wearing a shirt that says, “Please Hug Me.”  However, the CW has refrained from such hugging at this time since they are just getting to know one another.  When and if the youth needs a hug and requests one, the CW will most likely put in a hug referral request and have to wait like a week for it to be processed, reviewed by the Hugging Youth on your Caseload Approval Board, which meets and reviews hug requests on the 7th at 4:37am of every month.  Or……..she may just hug the youth since thus far she has yet to be told that this is a frowned upon practice, and that might be the quickest way to getting the youth a hug if that is what she needs.  🙂

After writing all of that, the CW is now sleepy and needs to pass ou…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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2 responses to “The Caseworker Who Couldn’t Sleep

  1. viviane

    Dear caseworker who couldn’t sleep,

    You really rock! These kids, families, youth are so lucky to have you helping them. I hope you are taking care of yourself and were able to get some rest since the night blog!

  2. danielleheinert

    Oh Viv, or should I say “CC MOM,” stop worrying!! I can catch up on my sleep when I’m dead. 🙂 Haha….just joking. Of course I will definitely try to sleep more and take care of myself. 🙂 Thank you for the reminder!

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