One case closed…fourteen to go and counting!

Finally I’m closing my first case, in what is a bittersweet farewell. For one, it’s a sweet moment because I’m proud to see my client got it together and got her kids back, but bitter because I enjoyed working with her and her children and it’s the clients that are left behind, the ones that are giving me grief. In addition to that, once a case is closed another one is transferred and sometimes the new ones are more challenging than the ones already lingering in my caseload and whose challenges I have gotten accustomed to.

The transition is always hard; sometimes I have left the new folders closed for days, procrastinating the start of my relationship with my new family, as if they were characters of a book that by not reading wouldn’t entice me to get tangled in their story. Then reality kicks in, I open the file and make my first contact, putting aside all the judgments that the previous workers have handed me down with the heavy file, and then it happens; I fall in love with the story and begin working diligently to help them write their happy ending. The work is hard, the resources limited, the relationships difficult and the judgments shadows, but if there is one thing that I hang on to, to carry out my days is to not let the experience of others seep into mine and not to let the judgments of others cloud mine; I take what it’s useful and discard the rest, and when the days get really hard, I think of my CC friends whom are also working really hard and holding on to their passion to help families, to make it through their day.

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One response to “One case closed…fourteen to go and counting!

  1. Alejandro

    Beautifully written note.
    It’s true that we tend to get attached to the people we help and that closing one case like you say and somehow putting it behind, makes you feel kind of guilty.
    That’s one of the reasons this work is so physically and menthally demanding.
    So come on, refill your energy tank by sipping around from the things you love (like a hummingbird) and fly to your next case. Keep in mind that you will help yet ANOTHER child in need.

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