I Laughed

I laughed more last week than I had any week since I started this job.

I wasn’t laughing because anything was precisely funny

I just laughed to keep from crying

Between drunk ex boyfriends attacking an adoptive resource

And elementary school aged children revealing what kind of sexual activities their parents engaged in

To birth parents being back on the streets and using

I had to laugh.

I laughed because all my cases seemed to go crazy just in time for Halloween

I laughed about my birth parents being so exploratory in the bedroom

I laughed about one of my co-workers seeing my birth parent on the streets and ducking so they wouldn’t be seen.

I had to laugh.

If I didn’t laugh

I would concentrate on the fact that I might lose a wonderful adoptive resource because of Domestic violence.

I would think about my kids being exposed to or experiencing inappropriate sexual behaviour

I would think about my kid who said, I don’t care when I asked him where his mom was, but who later confided that the only time he didn’t worry about her was when she was locked up because that meant she was safe.

I would cry.

And I think it would have been too much to deal with and I wouldn’t have wanted to be there.

So instead I laughed and laughed and laughed

And found the strength to be a resource for another day.


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3 responses to “I Laughed

  1. I had a very emotional week and I wish I would laugh but I had to cry. Unfortunately, it was in front of my director, supervisor, and coworkers. Fortunately, I was given many hugs and everyone understood.

  2. val cheers brown

    I cry when I am happy, but when sad, I don’t. Why is this?

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