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Intern perspective

When I am asked about my summer internship, I have a hard time explaining Children’s Corps concisely because I’m so excited about the program that I want to talk all about it! My answer always starts with, “It’s awesome!”, which is about as concise and accurate as it can get (although may not be the most intellectual vocabulary ever used by a future MSW). Usually it’s an acquaintance who is asking about my internship because it’s the polite thing to do, so they aren’t expecting such an enthusiastic answer. I’ve said all along that Barry and Viviane’s passion is impossible to say no to, and clearly it’s rubbed off on me!

The goal to recruit a rockstar inaugural class and provide a 5-week real world, how-to training to be a foster care caseworker has been far exceeded. As I sit in the back of the training room taking notes on the training Jen, Sarah and I helped hammer out, I can’t help but think back on my last year doing preventive family therapy in East New York, Brooklyn and say, “If only I had someone to tell me this stuff before I started!” My learning curve would have been greatly improved if I had heard half of what is being given to CC members. That coupled with the across-the-board outstanding quality of the members makes me beyond confident that foster care families and agencies in the New York City area are going to benefit greatly.

Sometimes we joke about if the members only knew what went on behind-the-scenes. At times it has been hectic, I’ve gotten a crash course in the amount of work it takes to start a new program. This experience is perfect for me, as my long-term career goal is to develop, implement, and run programs for teens. The past few weeks have been incredibly informative in curriculum and evaluation development. It’s nice to hear members’ feedback which is by far positive, but it’s the areas for growth that are the most important. I know this year has laid a great foundation for future years.

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