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Everyday We Serve

By Sonya Spann

Everyday we serve because there are children without mothers, sisters separated from their brothers, fathers and sons missing each other.   In our role, there is no placing blame.   Issues that impact one lifetime, take several lifetimes of work to change.  We  just help maintain families, retain sanity, ultimately rebuild community and restore faith in humanity.

Everyday we serve because this is not just a cause.  We are agents of change united to foster change in a system that is flawed.  We don’t expect an overnight transition, but we are grateful to be in a position to build from within and enable families to win the chance that they deserve to grow and to learn.

Everyday we serve in places where respect is earned and at every turn you are met with a challenge.  Where in a single day we tight rope walk through dangerous neighborhoods and navigate a system of checks and balances. Where achieving permanency for a family sometimes is a checkbook we’re balancing. Where few ever really check to see how well we’re balancing it all. Where there’s never really a calm before the storm, you just hold on to that umbrella and hope you don’t slip and fall.  Where our work is thankless and never about the paychecks but we remain steadfast because so many lives are involved.

Everyday we serve because in it is self discovery and through that, we develop into better people.  We learn the world and understand that we are in fact all created equal.  Privilege and discipline may not always be administered accordingly, but it’s our job to aid in the recovery of children with their families. One that we take seriously, one that we love dearly, and one that do everyday sincerely.

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