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A year from now

A year from now I’ll laugh. I’ll laugh as I remember the advice my co-workers gave me about how to deal with difficult family members and birth parents. Ill laugh at the speed of which I learned names and remembered faces. I’ll laugh at how long It took me to travel around boroughs. I’ll laugh at the attitudes of Judges and Lawyers. I’ll laugh at my lack of understanding of simple terms and phrases that I read on connections and heard tossed around the office.. I’ll laugh as I remember how my office phone never used to ring. I’ll laugh at how little I knew and how many questions I asked. But for now, these are all things that I’m struggling with. Today is the end of my first week as a social worker and all in all, Its been an easy and a very difficult week. Its been easy because I have not actually done any real work yet. I have just been shadowing more experienced case workers and sitting in on wily FTC’s, but It is also difficult because I am beginning to get an understanding of what my role will really be like and I am terrified. The role of case worker is time consuming and all encompassing. It is the role of services provider, baby sitter, mediator, file clerk, note taker,therapist and life coach. I wonder if my life thus far has prepared me for these roles. I don’t think it has but I know that once I begin in my role as a case planner, Ill need to get prepared really fast. These thoughts are really scary but I am excited for the changes that I know are coming.

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