First thoughts on training

We are officially in our second week of training and before going any further in sharing my insight into the content of our days, I wanted to share how COOL training in it self really is. Children’s Corps is not just about a specialized training to become a better caseworker, it’s beyond that, it’s an experience!  It’s one of those things that you know you will always use as a reference in conversations years from now, just as we do now with that ONE teacher that somehow inspired us in school, when we needed it most.  So far, no one day mirrors another and just when we think we have understood the dynamics of it all, we are presented with a different platform for learning or a different scenario in which to reflect on or simply get pushed a little to break a boundary of comfort.

On one hand, Barry (our main trainer, CEO, Co-founder of CC. etc) is awesome, he has this way of training/teaching that feels completely natural; the type in which you are learning so much and yet don’t realize it…that sort of thing. So it has been incredible to have him around coaching us and simply sharing with us his infinite pool of knowledge and experience. On the other hand, we are also having some incredibly talented co-trainers and guest speakers (Mike, Astrea, Robin, and more to come) that are as equally inspiring and motivating. So much so, that every time we have a new speaker I just feel like I want to specialize in their area of expertise, so I have no idea of how I will get matched with a mentor because I feel like after hearing them I’m all over the place, so I’m just glad someone else has the responsibility to figure that out for me.

As far as content goes for this past week and half, I’m still amazed of how much the little details can affect the outcomes. I have always been a strong believer in the notion that little things, no matter how small, have the ability make a big impact, and yet at times they seemed to go unnoticed; however, with training I feel it’s the small things that you incorporate in your routine that makes for the best case workers. Self awareness of language, frames of references and “owning your stuff” are just some of the things that have the ability to make a difference. I’m assimilating all these ideas daily and can already feel a shift inside.  Finally, after these first 9 days of training, it seems that when working with your clients more than just being focused on where they’re going (goals) it’s also important to focus on the journey (how they’re getting there), because goals can shift or change over time but the achievements they make and how you lead them along the way are the stepping stones of any future change.

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  1. karle

    I have really enjoyed your insight about the first two weeks of training.

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